QB heirs at Florida and Texas struggling

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Texas had an off week after the loss to Oklahoma. Gilbert said he tried to get away from football for a few days. He played a few rounds of golf with his dad to clear his head.

“I think Garrett is fine,” Texas coach Mack Brown said. “He’s smart. He’s tough. He grew up in football and he understands that at Texas, you need to win games.

“He understands that he is going to be scrutinized as the quarterback. We told him that before he came here … He does want to continue to win like the great quarterbacks before him, and that is something that’s on my plate. It’s on his plate. It’s on Greg Davis‘ plate. All of us need to pick it up,” Brown said.

At Florida, Brantley is struggling while coach Urban Meyer asks him to do what Tebow did.

Tebow, a larger-than-life leader in the huddle and the locker room, was savvy in the spread-option and could pummel defenders with his size when he ran. When Brantley runs the option, the result is awkward at best.

The running and poor pass protection have taken a physical toll, leaving Brantley playing with sprained thumb and sore ribs. The rib problem forced him to change his throwing motion, resulting in a sore shoulder.

“He’s a tough guy and played really tough” in last week’s loss to LSU, Meyer said. “That really showed us a lot about who Johnny is.”

Meyer laments a “lack of explosive plays” in his offense. Brantley’s longest pass of the season covered 51 yards, but that came on a short route against a blitz the receiver turned into a big gain.

“We’re not hitting the home run shots,” Meyer said.

Meyer has refused to tweak the offense to fit Brantley’s passing strengths, and said last week the option is “who we are” and “that won’t change.”

Brantley says he’s fine with that.

“That’s what our offense is,” Brantley said. “It’s been successful for us these last four years so why not keep doing it?”


AP Sports Writer Mark Long contributed to this report from Gainesville, Fla.

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