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Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson expects to have some money to spend in the January transfer.

“In future, we can invest in players in a different way to what has happened in the last transfer window,” Hodgson said. “Then money was in short supply and we weren’t even certain there would be any money to spend or even if the club would be there.”

Liverpool went to the High Court in London twice this week to win approval for the sale over the objections of Hicks and Gillett, who claimed NESV’s winning bid undervalued the 18-time English champions.

The sale finally went through after Hicks and Gillett withdrew the temporary restraining order blocking the sale they had obtained in a Texas court.

But Hicks and Gillett aren’t going without a fight, threatening to drag the club through further court battles despite dropping a $1.6 billion damages claim in Dallas.

The duo, who feuded for much of their time at Anfield, claimed the takeover was “illegal” and an “extraordinary swindle,” adding that part-nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland refused to allow them to repay Liverpool’s debts to prevent the sale.

RBS forced Hicks and Gillett to put the club up for sale in April as they failed to repay their debts.

“The process was continually frustrated by chatter about financial distress coming out of RBS,” Hicks said. “We know there are better owners out there for the Liverpool Football Club than the Boston Red Sox group.

“We knew who they were. We were just frustrated that every time we had conversations with them we had people in our own organization who somehow had those things not work out. They conspired against us.”

RBS said that any further claims against the bank will be “vigorously opposed.”