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“What happens when 51 percent of people figure out they can make the other 49 percent of us pay for everything?”

Bumper sticker spotted by Beltway reader John Ritter in Annapolis, Md.


It’s gonna be a Republican tidal wave, a tsunami, an avalanche on Nov. 2. Well, that’s popular sentiment, though some strategists caution the tidal wave crowd not to let the enthusiasm peak too early. There’s truth to that. There are still 15 days until Election Day, with a diabolical October surprise lurking around every corner. And some sleeper candidates too, says Henry Olsen, vice president of the American Enterprise Institute and a National Review contributor.

“This year, there are already so many Democratic incumbents on target lists that it seems futile to search for the sleepers. Nevertheless, here are five incumbents to look out for on election night,” Mr. Olsen says, offering these “House sleepers” for consideration: Reps. Gene Taylor in Mississippi’s 4th District, Peter A. DeFazio in Oregon’s 4th, Jim Matheson in Utah’s 2nd, Collin C. Peterson in Minnesota’s 7th and Tim Holden in Pennsylvania’s 17th.


• 87 percent of Americans say elections are “important to the overall health of the economy.”

• 70 percent say the government does not spend taxpayer money “wisely and fairly.”

• 66 percent say America is “overtaxed.”

• 61 percent say the government has too much power and money.

• 85 percent of Republicans and 39 percent of Democrats agree.

• 65 percent of workers in the private sector and 47 percent of government workers also agree.

Source: A Rasmussen reports poll of 1,000 adults conducted Oct. 11-12.

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