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Mrs. Angle’s most recent strategy has been to focus on Mr. Reid’s wealth. In an ad released Tuesday, she accuses him of using his office to enrich himself while his fellow Nevadans are struggling under the burden of the state’s highest-in-the-nation unemployment rate.

“While your family is just hanging on, someone’s been hanging out with supermodels,” says the ad, which shows Mr. Reid with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marissa Miller.

The Reid campaign responded to the Ritz-Carlton jab by stating, “Harry Reid was born, raised and still lives in Searchlight today. Everyone in Nevada knows that and no matter how hard Angle may try, she can’t take that away from him.”

The Reid campaign has struck back by playing up Mrs. Angle’s remarks before a group of Hispanic students. Asked why she used stock photos of menacing-looking Hispanic men in the ad, she said she couldn’t judge who was Hispanic and that some of the students at the gathering “look a little more Asian to me.”

She also said the ad dealt with securing the northern border as well as the border with Mexico, a statement later ridiculed by the Reid campaign.

“Like Angles statement that shes not sure the Mexican men in her ad are Latino and that the ad is about northern border security with Canada, her campaigns assertion is a complete and total lie. Angles ad is clearly a fearmongering, inflammatory attempt to scare Nevadans,” the Reid camp said in a statement.

The Angle campaign said she was trying to avoid indulging in stereotypes based on appearances.

“This is a low blow from Harry Reid,” said Angle spokesman Jarrod Agen. “Sharron is making the point that this country is a melting pot and you cannot judge people based on stereotypes or the way they look.”