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Karachi, a vast metropolis with more than 16 million residents, is prone to political, ethnic and religious strife. While officials would not name any suspects, many so-called “target killings” in Karachi have been linked to gangs reportedly controlled by two of the city’s long-feuding political parties.


Key site boasts higher uranium reserves

TEHRAN | Iran said Tuesday that it has discovered higher uranium reserves than previously thought at a key southern mine and was stepping up exploration of the ore, which is the basis for the country’s nuclear program.

Nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said the reserves were found at Iran’s only operating uranium mine near Bandar Abbas in southern Iran, 840 miles south of the capital, Tehran.


South’s army slams U.N. as troops amass

KHARTOUM | South Sudan’s army accused the United Nations on Tuesday of failing to report a massive buildup of northern troops around sensitive border areas, warning that war could erupt.

Senior southern army officer Mat Paul said the separate northern Sudan army was preventing the U.N. peacekeeping mission (UNMIS) from monitoring a cease-fire and U.N. officials were not owning up to their lack of access.

Most analysts say they think southerners will vote to secede from the north in an emotional referendum on independence due in less than three months, the culmination of a 2005 north-south peace deal ending Africa’s longest civil war.


Thousands demand more college funds

VIENNA | Tens of thousands of students marched through Austrian cities Tuesday to demand more money for higher education in an unexpectedly large protest backed by university staff.

Police estimates for the largest turnout — in Vienna — were 15,000 people, mostly students but also academic staff and other supporters. Roughly 5,000 others took to the streets in Salzburg and Graz.

Amid the protests, university presidents warned of large-scale layoffs and even the closures of some institutions barring more money from the government by 2013.

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