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Being abroad together should help speed that process.

“Hopefully, this turns into a tremendous bonding experience,” said Rambis, a former assistant to Jackson with the Lakers. “Obviously, the Lakers are the pinnacle of the basketball world, so our young guys get to compete against great athletes.”

Both teams arrived in London on Friday and had a practice session. By Saturday, most of the players seemed to have adjusted to the time difference.

“This is something they should know how to do in their sleep,” Jackson said.

Minnesota’s Michael Beasley, the former Miami Heat forward who is one of the newcomers on the team, seemed a bit groggy.

“Oh man. I couldn’t sleep last night,” a tired-looking Beasley said ahead of practice. “The time difference took a toll on me. But I’m glad it got me early. I’m going to sleep right after practice.”

Beasley promised to be more alert on Monday night.

“I want to play this game like it’s the last game of the season,” Beasley said. “I don’t want to come here and just play and lose just because we’re supposed to lose because they’re the Lakers.

“I want to give them a fight, I want to challenge them. I want to send a message to the league that the Timberwolves are here.”