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The 9/11 Commission reported that the U.S.-born cleric was interviewed four times by the FBI within weeks of the attacks because of his links to three of the hijackers aboard the plane that hit the Pentagon.

The account of al-Awlaki’s Pentagon lunch was first reported by Fox News.


Candidate airs church, state ad

WILMINGTON | A Democratic congressional candidate’s ad in Delaware is reminding voters that Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell isn’t the state’s only Republican who has raised questions about the separation of church and state.

Democrat John Carney, who is running for Delaware’s lone House seat, began airing an ad last week showing video of Republican nominee Glen Urquhart likening the concept to Nazism at a campaign event earlier this year.

Mr. Urquhart has said he regrets the remarks, saying he was trying to make a point that tyrants tend to abuse the separation of church and state.

At a Senate debate this week, Miss O’Donnell challenged Democratic opponent Chris Coons to show where the Constitution requires separation of church state.


Stress relief: 2 dozen pastries

SEATTLE | President Obama squeezed in some time to stop for doughnuts Thursday on the second day of a West Coast campaign blitz.

Mr. Obama and Sen. Patty Murray dropped by Top Pot Doughnuts in downtown Seattle, where Mr. Obama ordered a sampler of two dozen doughnuts to go. The president is in Seattle to campaign with Mrs. Murray, who is in a tight race against Republican Dino Rossi.

Mr. Obama shared a doughnut with Mrs. Murray, declaring it “outstanding.” He urged the other customers at the shop to vote in the upcoming midterm election before carrying the two boxes of doughnuts back to his motorcade.


Office Depot settles charges

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