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The Packers have tried to downplay the emotion associated with facing their former quarterback, especially after losing to him twice last season. Even after a win, Rodgers wasn’t interested in talking about Favre.

“It’s obviously something that the media has talked about a lot and has brought to my attention, obviously, a number of times,” Rodgers said. “I guess we can maybe stop with some of that for a little while.”

But teammates said Sunday’s win might have meant more to Rodgers than he was letting on.

“I think honestly, it does mean a great deal to him,” Matthews said. “We might see it as any other game, but for him, there’s certainly a little something special. For him, sitting behind Favre, then coming out and putting together two fantastic seasons and losing to him twice, for him to come out against the guy who _ whatever you want to call it, the quarterback who was in front of him _ it means a great deal to him.”

Backup quarterback Matt Flynn sensed it, too.

“I think it means a lot to him,” Flynn said. “Obviously it’s a big game for us as a team, the way the season has gone. But personally, I think this was definitely one he had circled that he wanted to win. I’m happy for him. I’m happy he got it.”

As far as McCarthy was concerned, the celebration ended Monday morning.

“We’re just pulling some things together,” McCarthy said. “It’s a good win. It’s an excellent win as far as the big dose of confidence that comes with a division win and everything surrounding this game. But it’s over. We’re on to the Jets.”