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Scott isn’t too concerned about the rankings, just as long as the wins keep coming.

“All you’re talking about is a couple of shutdown games and a couple of great performances and it’ll all balance out,” he said. “Eventually, the cream will rise to the top.”

Ryan revealed that one switch this season on defense has been him sharing the playcalling responsibilities with defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and sometimes defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman.

“The great thing is, you don’t know if I’m calling the play or Mike Pettine’s calling the play,” Ryan said. “We do everything now.”

Ryan called most of the defensive plays last season, but Pettine is calling “a ton of them” this season. But, Ryan says, don’t blame Pettine for any shortcomings this season on defense.

“It’s not his fault,” he said, smiling. “He’s been calling the ones that work. I’ve got to do a better job when I call them.”

The defense will get an immediate test against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, one of the top passing offenses in the league.

“I know they’re going to come in here fired up and we just have to go out there and play well,” linebacker Calvin Pace said. “They’re impressive. … Defensively, we’ve got to be on point.”

Ryan doesn’t think that will be a problem for the defense or any other area of the team.

“Once you get on that kind of roll, you want to just keep going,” he said. “But for this football team, we’re better now because of the break. We’re fresher. We have no excuses. Let’s just go out and play.”

Notes: Several players went on mini-vacations during the break such as Santonio Holmes, who went to Las Vegas. Pace went home to Atlanta and took in a live performance of “Yo Gabba Gabba!” with his daughter. “I’m more of a Sesame Street guy,” he said. “I like Elmo and the old-school stuff.”

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