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Fake Wyeth painting seized at auction

WILMINGTON | The FBI said it has seized a forgery of Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Snow Birds” from a New York auction house.

The fake painting, seized in July, had been for sale at the unidentified auction house, and had been estimated to be worth between $300,000 and $500,000.

However, before an auction took place, questions arose concerning its authenticity. An expert at the Andrew Wyeth office at the Brandywine River Museum exposed it as a forgery. The person selling the art agreed to forfeit his interest in the painting.


Slain Levy’s father testifies at trial

The father of slain Washington intern Chandra Levy testified Tuesday about his frantic efforts to find his daughter after she went missing nearly a decade ago and admitted that he shaded grand jury testimony back in 2002 to make then-Rep. Gary A. Condit look worse.

Ingmar Guandique, 29, a native of El Salvador, is on trial for allegedly murdering Levy. Prosecutors think she was one of several women attacked by Guandique while jogging in Rock Creek Park.

Prosecutors say Levy had an extramarital affair with the former California congressman, who was once the primary suspect. Police no longer think he had anything to do with her death.

In testimony Tuesday, Robert Levy said he deduced Chandra was having an affair with the congressman a few days after she went missing when he saw from the family cell-phone bill that she had made multiple calls to the congressman’s office.

Mr. Levy said he initially thought Mr. Condit had killed Levy but now thinks Guandique is the killer.

On cross-examination, Mr. Levy acknowledged that he gave grand jury testimony in 2002 that downplayed the notion that his daughter might have been attacked while she was out jogging.

“We were thinking Condit was the guilty one before we knew about this character,” Mr. Levy said, motioning toward Guandique. Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher ordered that answer stricken from the record and told jurors to disregard the statement.

In the grand jury testimony, Mr. Levy said his daughter “wasn’t someone who would go wandering in the hills” of Rock Creek Park, jogging alone. On Tuesday, he said that she may well have done so because of her love of the outdoors.


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