- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It’s why our Founding Fathers and hundreds of thousands of colonists committed treason. It has been fought for throughout the centuries by the oppressed and suppressed. Millions have died in order to achieve it. Countless others have died so that others could do it. Millions have been denied it because of their sex. Others have been persecuted relentlessly because of their race. Blockades, roadblocks, lies, deception, threats, collusion and murder have been committed to stop people from doing this.

What is it? It’s the right to vote. We are now facing the most important midterm elections most of us have ever witnessed. If you don’t exercise this most precious right because of long lines, bad weather, a car that won’t start or most other excuses, just think of the ghosts of the past staring down at you in disbelief. Get out and vote.


Wilton, N.Y.



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