- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Knowledge can be a scary thing, especially when applied to Scene It? Horror HD (Screenlife Games, $4.99), the latest effort from the premier maker of interactive movie trivia games.

Through this fantastic multimedia challenge, Apple’s device acts as a gateway to the history of horror cinema and gives players hundreds of questions highlighted with audio snippets, film clips, photos and animations.

Solo players will find 30 distinct games that highlight classics such as “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” “Halloween” and “Shaun of the Dead” via 15 types of puzzles ranging from Drawn of the Dead (illustrations come to life) to Now Slaying (identify a movie as its poster is revealed) to Who the Hell? (name a character from the clues provided).

In any given round a victim may need to identify the 1941 version of the “The Wolfman” by hearing an audio clip, poke away at the boards of a broken fence to reveal an image to identify “Paranormal Activity” or watch a classic 8-bit video game cartoon and decipher its tribute to “The Omen.”

It’s mainly multiple-choice questions with faster responses earing more points  a cockroach scurries across the screen as time ticks away.

The interface is a ghoulishly clever mix of the macabre utilizing the iPad’s magic.

Tap into its high resolution for animations that might display a voodoo doll skewered by a stake or a gross film clip from “An American Werewolf in London” or use its touch-screen sensitivity to quickly break apart a fence to decipher clues or, finally, its connectivity to easily purchase and download any of the films featured.

Additionally, two multiplayer game options are included.

First, Death Match has up to four players sit around an iPad and simply pick a corner of it to read and answer a rapid-fire round of multiple-choice questions, much like a traditional board game.

Next, Multiplayer four competitors with the game loaded on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can use Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity to take part in 10-question rounds mashing together puzzle types from the solo mode.

As an added benefit for the Halloween season, Scene It? Horror HD also includes a Scream Machine to give amateur purveyors of fear sound effects a way to scare friends with a variety of blood-curdling cries of terror.



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