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Taliban commander, 7 others said killed

KANDAHAR | Afghan authorities said Wednesday that an insurgent commander said to be close to the one-eyed Taliban leader, Mohammad Omar, had been killed with seven other militants.

The provincial government said Jamal-ulddin was killed in an overnight operation in the Miansheen district of southern province Kandahar.

“He was a friend of Mullah Mohammad Omar and also [the] Taliban commander in Miansheen district,” said a statement from the provincial press office.

Miansheen is one of the districts in Kandahar where the Afghan government does not have full control. Security forces carry out raids based on intelligence tips but do not keep a permanent presence.


Former president dies of heart attack

BUENOS AIRES | Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, the country’s most powerful politician along with his wife, current leader Cristina Fernandez, died suddenly Wednesday after a heart attack, the presidency said.

Mr. Kirchner, 60, died after being rushed to the Formenti de Calafate hospital while having a severe heart attack, the presidency said.

“It was a sudden death,” his personal doctor told reporters in El Calafate, where Mr. Kirchner and his wife had gone to rest and await their turn to be counted in the nation’s census.

He was accompanied at all times by his wife, the presidency said.

Mr. Kirchner, 60, had undergone an angioplasty after a heart attack in September, but was still a likely candidate in next year’s presidential elections. He also served as secretary general of the South American alliance known as Unasur as a congressman and as leader of the Peronist party.


Limits sought on NATO troops

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