- - Sunday, October 31, 2010


Arkansas Democrat distances self from party

FORDYCE | As the only congressman in Arkansas seeking re-election, Rep. Mike Ross should have plenty of reason to fret as he runs when many Democrats and incumbents are endangered.

But Mr. Ross is one of the few Democratic candidates his party isn’t worried about as it tries to prevent GOP gains in blue-leaning Arkansas.

Mr. Ross is distancing himself from President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He’s also making clear that he’s no Blanche Lincoln, the Arkansas senator fighting to win re-election.

Mr. Ross is running ads touting that he never moved to Washington. It’s a contrast to criticism Mrs. Lincoln has received for moving to suburban Washington.

His Republican challenger, Beth Anne Rankin, is trying hard to undercut Mr. Ross’ image.


N.Y. voters weigh mayoral term limits

NEW YORK | Voters get to decide this week whether New York City officeholders are entitled to two or three consecutive terms.

The ballot question comes two years after New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg abruptly had the law changed so that he could run for mayor a third time.

The ballot on Tuesday will feature two questions for voters. One is on term limits and the other deals with changes in campaign-spending laws, ballot access and conflicts of interest rules.

The term-limits issue is getting all the attention because it gives voters the chance to weigh in after Mr. Bloomberg’s controversial move in 2008.

Quinnipiac University polling director Maurice Carroll predicts the two-term limit will be restored.


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