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Instead, Ms. O’Donnell is struggling to win over her own party and independents. Only about two-thirds of Republicans and one-third of independents said they would vote for her.

“She needs to unite her own party,” said Dan Cassino, a Fairleigh Dickinson political scientist who analyzed the survey.

The poll found that Ms. O’Donnell’s primary opponent, Rep. Michael N. Castle, would have a strong lead if he were the GOP nominee.


First lady asks party to vote

Michelle Obama has a message for Democrats as the midterm elections draw near: Don’t stay home.

The first lady delivered a political pep talk to Obama supporters across the country Wednesday via conference call, telling them that “the worst possible thing to do” would be to get discouraged and not vote this November.

The first lady acknowledged to Organizing for America volunteers that people are frustrated with the pace of change and that many are still hurting economically.

But she added that the country is “just beginning to see the results of our work, so don’t stay home. Don’t let frustration keep you from voting.”

Mrs. Obama herself will be out on the campaign circuit next week.


Archives displays Nazi papers

The laws signed by Adolf Hitler taking away the citizenship of German Jews before the Holocaust are on rare public display in Washington.

The Nuremberg Laws were recently turned over to the National Archives by the Huntington Museum complex near Los Angeles. They are on display through Oct. 18.

Previously, they had only been displayed while on loan to the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

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