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In Vietnam, the death toll nearly doubled to 48 after disaster officials were finally able to access areas that had been cut off by high waters. Another 23 people remained missing as villagers started returning to areas where the water was receding.


Dengue fever sweeps through Asia

NEW DELHI | Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease with no known treatment, is spreading in Asia, with cases in India at a 20-year high as the country hosts the Commonwealth Games.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that 2.5 billion people are at risk from one of the world’s fastest-emerging infections, which has “grown dramatically in recent decades.”

WHO officials say Asia, home to 70 percent of the at-risk population, has seen a rise in dengue mainly because of higher temperatures due to climate change, rising populations and greater international travel.

According to data collected by the U.N. body, the highest number of reported cases in Asia this year to August are in Indonesia (80,065), followed by Thailand (57,948) and Sri Lanka (27,142).


Baby dies after monkey snatches it

KUALA LUMPUR | A newborn baby died after being snatched by a monkey from her family’s living room in central Malaysia, an official said Thursday.

The body of the 4-day-old girl was found outside the family’s home in Negri Sembilan state Wednesday, said a Wildlife Department official who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing protocol.

The monkey took the infant to the roof of the single-story house and then dropped her after possibly mistaking her for food, the official said. The girl, who had been left alone in the room, had bite marks on her neck and face.

Wildlife authorities fatally shot the monkey, which remained near the house and might have been attracted by a female pet monkey the family kept in a cage, the official said.


Dissident hot bet for Nobel Peace Prize

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