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Ghana is more stable today than it was in the 1970s. But when Peprah sees news reports or movies about unrest in African countries, it touches a nerve.

“Any time you hear something like that, genocide or fighting or military taking over the government, overthrows, social unrest, it all hits home,” Peprah said. “I can relate to it somewhat as far as what it can cause. But it definitely makes you appreciate life.”

And when Ghana’s national soccer team played _ and beat_ the U.S. in the World Cup in June, Peprah definitely took sides.

“Oh, I had my jersey on,” Peprah said. “I was rooting for the Black Stars all the way.”

Barring an injury setback, Peprah will be suited up in his Packers jersey on Sunday. And he hopes to prove something to fans who don’t know much about him.

“It’ll be a great opportunity to show what I can do and let people know I can play,” Peprah said. “I’m excited about that. I think people will be pleasantly surprised.”