- - Thursday, October 7, 2010


2 ethics trials set for after elections

Ethics trials for two prominent House Democrats will be held after the November elections. The proceedings will determine whether Charles B. Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California violated standards of conduct.

House ethics committee Chairman Zoe Lofgren of California refused to go along with a Republican request to hold the proceedings before the elections. Pre-election trials would have generated headlines that Republicans could have used to attack Democrats.

The proceedings, officially called adjudicatory hearings, will begin Nov. 15 for Mr. Rangel and Nov. 29 for Mrs. Waters.


Paladino uses TV to prod Cuomo

ALBANY | Republican Carl Paladino bought three minutes of time on Buffalo TV stations to say he is being mistreated by the media and that Democrat Andrew Cuomo is afraid to debate him in the New York governor’s race.

Mr. Paladino again said his recent confrontation with the New York Post was to protect his 10-year-old daughter from the tabloid’s photographers and reporters.

He said Thursday he was upset in his shouting match with New York Post’s state editor, Fred Dicker, because he still believes the newspaper scared his daughter in an attempt to get a story.

Mr. Paladino repeated his claim that Mr. Cuomo had affairs and also challenged Mr. Cuomo to debate during his taped address, minutes after Mr. Cuomo committed to an Oct. 18 debate on Long Island.


Ad targets wrong Salazar

GRAND JUNCTION | A political advertisement that takes aim at Colorado U.S. Rep. John Salazar is slightly off the mark: It names the wrong Salazar.

The radio ad mentions his younger brother, Ken Salazar, five times.

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