- Associated Press - Friday, October 8, 2010

NEW YORK (AP) - The insults spread around the Jacksonville Jaguars’ locker room within minutes.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis overheard an Indianapolis Colts player during warmups call their game against the Jaguars last Sunday “an easy one.” Lewis passed the message along to his teammates, and the furious Jags took it out on the Colts on the field.

Jaguars 31, Colts 28. So much for that gimme.

“Obviously, whatever was said was something we saw as disrespect and we just wanted to come out and play ball,” running back Maurice Jones-Drew said. “It kind of added a little fuel to the fire, which is good because we got after them.”

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio stopped short of giving that unidentified Colts player a game ball, but wanted to “thank the guy.”

“Against the Colts last week, we felt a little disrespected,” he said. “It worked.”

Yep, trash talk still comes through loud and clear, with some players just unable to keep their mouths shut on the field.

Guys like Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, Darnell Dockett, Philip Rivers, Bart Scott, Joey Porter and Cortland Finnegan do it. A lot of it. They’re Pro Bowl players with championship-caliber material.

“You’re ugly.”

“You’re old.”

“You’re too slow.”

“Your team stinks, and so does your breath.”

And, that’s just for non-expletive-filled starters.

“On the field, I’m a different person,” Tennessee linebacker Stephen Tulloch said. “I’m in a different zone, so I might say some things just to get myself fired up or to get into the opponent’s head.”

Coaches get into it, too, with the New York Jets’ Rex Ryan and Denver’s Josh McDaniels known to speak whatever’s on their minds.

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