- Associated Press - Friday, September 10, 2010

NEW YORK (AP) - At Fashion Week as in life, opposites attract.

A yin-yang theme emerged on Friday on the second day of New York Fashion Week as designers turned to a harmonious blend of opposites.

At Rag & Bone, that meant mixing delicate, pretty pieces with the hard-edged style of an adventurer. Jason Wu mixed tailored, conservative suits with underpinnings that were sheer and sexy. Daniel Vosovic, the “Project Runway” alum, went for country influences presented in an urban way.

And in one of the odder yin-yang moments so far, daytime queen Ellen DeGeneres walked the runway for nightlife king Richie Rich.

Later Friday, just about everyone with his or her name on a label fanned out all over the city for Fashion’s Night Out, a shopping event that aims to court consumers with personal appearances from designers and celebrities, champagne and snacks, and games such as ping-pong and poker.


Enough with the tough-girl or buttoned-up stuff: The Rag & Bone woman is ready for an adventure.

You have to hope, though, that when she’s skydiving or Bungee-jumping, she’ll pull the right ripcord and not have her parachute pants fall down. Don’t worry, these aren’t the too-baggy ‘80s parachutes _ they were inspired by the real deal, with rugged zippers, straps and lace-up details.

But for the yin yang that is emerging as a must-have, designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville offered crafty macrame looks, in colorful prints and luxe camel, that perhaps would be the souvenirs for their globe-trotting muse.

The palette was rooted in white, though, another popular trend during the second day of previews.

There were touches of glamour here, too _ good for a girl’s night life. A gauze, mint-colored shirt was paired with silver trousers, and a sand-colored suede top was worn with a silver lame skirt that had an opposites-attract white eyelet hemline.


What white gown?

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