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Point guard is perhaps the biggest point of intrigue for Miami, with Riley suggesting there will be time when the Heat play without a true one on the court _ no surprise there, considering Wade, James and Miller are all fine ballhandlers. Miami re-signed last year’s point guard starter in Carlos Arroyo, and has former starter Mario Chalmers still recovering from an offseason ankle sprain.

“It wouldn’t be something that would be a stretch for anybody,” Riley said. “Wouldn’t be a stretch for Dwyane to play that position. It would not be a stretch for LeBron. LeBron was basically a natural point guard until he was 15, 16 years old. … So it isn’t something that he has to learn.”

Riley said last season that Miami’s plan for the long-awaited offseason of 2010 was “to build a dynasty.” Step one in that process was convincing Wade to re-sign, something that wouldn’t have happened unless either James or Bosh decided to join the Heat.

“We were ready for the worst-case scenario,” Riley said, “and the best-case scenario happened for us.”

That being said, his job isn’t done.

Riley will shift his focus back to talent evaluating now, working on finding hidden gems out there, while continuing to figure out how to make the current Heat lineup better.

The summer has been about talking. Riley’s longing for games.

“I’m actually bored stiff,” Riley said. “I can’t wait for it to start.”