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“That’s his call,” Gould said of his coach. “The defense played really well. … He thought maybe we could put one in the end zone, create a little bit more momentum for our team and make it a little harder on the Detroit Lions.”

Instead, they made it harder on themselves.

They failed to convert the pass after Forte’s touchdown, leaving them with a five-point lead. And they escaped with the win after the officials ruled Johnson did not properly secure the ball on what looked like the go-ahead touchdown.

Asked why the 6-foot-1 Bowman was alone on the 6-foot-5 Johnson, Smith said, “We play double-coverage quite a bit. It seems like every time we play double-coverage (it’s), ‘Why do you guys play two deep?’ So on that play, we had a blitz on. ‘Why don’t you blitz more?’ We had a blitz on that play, and when you blitz, you can’t double-cover everybody _ Football 101. Can’t do it. On that play, we didn’t. The next two, we did.”

He also said safety Danieal Manning wasn’t responsible for helping on that play and added, “Sometimes, you have a great player that makes a great play.”

Only, Johnson’s play didn’t count.