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The Eagles ran a sneak with Vick, Matthews shook off a blocking attempt by tight end Brent Celek, then got an arm around Vick as he tried to break through the line. He didn’t make the first down.

“We expected them to run a quarterback sneak, and we prepare for this,” Matthews said. “We go over everything from the last play to fourth-and-1 situations. Fortunately I was able to slip inside that tight end and knock a few guys off and create some mayhem back there. The game’s on the line, you’ve got to make big plays. And fortunately me and some of the other guys can get him down and get off the field.”

The pass rush was a significant question mark for the Packers going into this season. But they had five sacks on Sunday, getting pressure as Matthews frequently switched sides and ran stunts with defensive linemen.

“I was rushing a little bit from the right, a little bit from the left, saw a few eyes go, ‘What’s going on out here?’” Matthews said. “I don’t know. I got a couple guard blocks on me that caught me right in the jaw, in the face a couple times, that’s what I’ve come to expect. I think overall we got some good pressure on them.”

The Packers escaped with a 27-20 victory in a tough road game, providing a boost to what already was a confident team.

“We know what we have, we know what we can do,” Matthews said. “It’s all about putting it together now.”