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The fact that the Army inspector general, and now the Pentagon IG, have been investigating the Rolling Stone profile of Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, over which he resigned, raises an interesting question: Why did the Pentagon certify to Congress that Gen. McChrystal served satisfactorily in his last rank, allowing him to retire a four-star officer, if an investigation was open?

But now, Inside the Ring has learned that Gen. McChrystal has nothing to worry about.

“We can state emphatically that Gen. McChrystal is not under investigation,” IG spokesman Gary Comerford tells special correspondent Rowan Scarborough. “He is retired and is not a person of interest. The investigation has not identified any subjects. It is simply to inquire into the facts and circumstances of the article.”

Mr. Comerford said the IG is reviewing whether “any personnel made any inappropriate comments” that appeared in the Rolling Stone article, which led to Gen. McChrystal’s resignation as the top commander in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon IG office issued a statement last week that said, in part: “The DoD IG has assumed responsibility for the investigation into facts and circumstances surrounding comments allegedly made by the staff of the Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan, as reported in the Rolling Stone article, ‘The Runaway General.’

“After reviewing the Army report, the DoD IG determined that additional investigative work was indicated to fully address matters at issue and that such work would entail contact with evidentiary sources outside of Army IG jurisdiction.

“The DoD IG work has begun. It is too early to estimate a completion date.”

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