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Candidate sends trash-scented flier

ALBANY | Something stinks in about 200,000 mailboxes around New York a flier from the new Republican nominee for governor.

A garbage-scented mailing by nominee Carl Paladino features the photos of seven Democrats, six of whom have been investigated and two who have resigned in scandal in the past four years.

“Something STINKS in Albany,” the mailer says. Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo said Thursday that the mailer is scented with a “landfill” odor.

He says the smell will get worse the longer it is exposed, just like Albany.

The mailer doesn’t name state Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, Mr. Paladino’s Democratic opponent. But Mr. Paladino has been trying to link Mr. Cuomo to the Democrats who control every statewide office and both legislative chambers.


Emanuel, Jackson talk mayor’s race

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel met privately with Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr. on Wednesday night to discuss the Chicago mayor’s race, sources close to Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Jackson said on Thursday.

The meeting is the latest sign that both are considering entering the race. Both have previously expressed interest in becoming Chicago’s mayor.

A source close to Mr. Jackson said the congressman and Mr. Emanuel discussed a variety of issues Chicago is facing, including the economy and job creation. They also discussed the need for any mayoral candidates to conduct campaigns that will allow them to unify behind the nominee in case no candidate wins 50 percent of the vote and a runoff is required. The source would not say who arranged the meeting.

The source close to Mr. Jackson was not authorized to speak about the meeting openly and spoke on the condition of anonymity. The source close to Mr. Emanuel, also speaking anonymously for the same reason, confirmed the meeting.

Mayor Richard M. Daley has said he would not seek a seventh term.

Neither Mr. Jackson nor Mr. Emanuel has very long to mull their decision. Election rules give candidates until Nov. 22 to file petitions to run. Any candidate would likely need to start laying groundwork well before then. The mayoral election is in February.

The source said that Mr. Jackson previously also had met with or spoken to several other potential Democratic mayoral candidates to discuss the race, including Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Rep. Danny K. Davis and state Sen. James Meeks.

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