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Mrs. Palin, whose Twitter and Facebook pages are required reading in political circles, also took some jabs at the media for all the interest in her wardrobe and gestures rather than her record.

“According to the media,” she said, “I was plucked from obscurity while staring at Russia from my house.”

Not that Mrs. Palin is averse to using the media for her own purposes. Coming up in November on cable TV’s TLC is “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Mark Burnett, who created reality TV’s “Apprentice” series, describes this new project as “a really nonpolitical show, a show about Alaskan adventure.”

A nonpolitical show that, no doubt, will only boost Mrs. Palin’s political visibility. It will only take her so far in Iowa, though.

Iowa strategist Mark Daley, who worked for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, said the lesson from the 2008 caucus campaign is that Iowa is all about grass-roots organizing.

“There’s definitely no question that while rock star status helps you draw a crowd, you’re going to have to go to the Pizza Ranch in Algona,” Mr. Daley said. “Voters take a very long time to make up their mind and they expect to meet with the candidates because they have for decades.”

Richard Schwarm, former chair of the state Republican Party, said Mrs. Palin’s celebrity status does help.

“A lot of people have to work hard to get the media to pay attention, to get the precinct captain to take you seriously,” said Schwarm. “It gets your foot in the door to get that attention, but it’s a long process.”

Associated Press writer Nancy Benac in Washington contributed to this report.