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“I’m not going to comment on other teams,” Spoelstra said. “And other teams have enough issues of their own to get ready for the season, without worrying about what we did or what we’re doing, to keep them busy.”

Spoelstra said he’s most rested and ready for the coming season than either of his first two at Miami’s helm, although that doesn’t mean all the offseason work is done.

The playbook is still getting tinkered with. The team is checking to see if any other players might be available to help, although Spoelstra said Miami’s current 18-man camp roster _ three more than the maximum allowed during the season _ is the one he’s planning on having for the first practice. And Spoelstra is still working on what he’ll say at the first formal team meeting of the new year.

That all aside, he’s beyond eager to see what the Heat have.

“I wish training camp started three weeks ago,” Spoelstra said.