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D'Haem said heredity can play a part in heart problems, but noted that Dantonio kept in good shape and tracked factors such as cholesterol that can lead to health issues.

“Anybody that knows Coach Dantonio knows he keeps pretty fit,” the doctor said.

When Dantonio got to the hospital, “his immediate concern was to his family and then to the football program,” Hollis said.

Dantonio is in his fourth season at Michigan State, with a record of 25-17 and three bowl appearances. But the victory on Saturday night might have been his most memorable, because of the opponent and the direct role he played in the outcome.

“Like we said all along, we needed one big momentum play. We just didn’t know when it would come,” Dantonio said after the game. “I don’t really know where to start or end, but it was a big night for the Spartans.”

Treadwell is in his seventh season on the Michigan State staff. He coached receivers from 2000-02 and has been the offensive coordinator since 2007, when Dantonio arrived in East Lansing after a successful three years at Cincinnati.

“There’s some great carry-over that’s already in place, and we will just fill the gaps, as you will,” Treadwell said. “We look very forward to Mark’s speedy recovery.”

The Spartans host Northern Colorado on Saturday.

“They’re handling it as well as they can. They love their head coach,” Treadwell said of the team, which learned the news Sunday. “It’s our job as assistant coaches just to keep them moving forward, to keep them focused on task.”