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Mr. Randle’s departure comes after a review last month of the early release program that found the corrections department didn’t consider possible dangers to the public when it tried to save money by letting prisoners out early, including some who were violent.

Mr. Quinn canceled MGT Push — named for the “meritorious good time” that was granted to prisoners — after the Associated Press revealed the program’s existence last fall. By then, some 1,700 inmates had been granted early release, including hundreds of prisoners with records of violence.


Court: ‘Ladies Night’ promos not discriminatory

NEW YORK — Call it a victory for women of the velvet rope.

A U.S. appeals court has tossed out a lawsuit against New York nightclubs that sought to brand their “Ladies Night” promotions as unconstitutional.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected lawyer Roy Den Hollander’s bid to outlaw the specials — in which women are let into bars and discos for free or half price — on the grounds they violate gender equality laws, according to a ruling issued Wednesday.

New York state has no control over the matter because “liquor licenses are not directly related to the pricing scheme,” at an establishment’s door, the court said in its ruling.


Agencies: No link between rash, diapers

CINCINNATI — The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada say they haven’t yet found a link between Pampers Dry Max diapers and some babies’ unusually severe diaper rash.

The CPSC said Thursday that both agencies will keep evaluating consumer complaints and provide updated information. The CPSC received nearly 4,700 diaper rash reports from April through August and says both agencies evaluated the diapers’ materials, construction and other characteristics.

Claims that the new version of Procter & Gamble’s biggest-selling brand can cause severe rashes triggered lawsuits as well as the government probes.

CPSC says it cannot rule out that some babies may react differently to the new product, especially those who are sensitive to materials in Dry Max.


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