- Associated Press - Monday, September 20, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) - Disgruntled running back Brandon Jacobs has neither asked the New York Giants for a trade nor approached coach Tom Coughlin to request a meeting to define his role.

Rumors that Jacobs asked for a trade started circulating on Monday in the wake of the Giants‘ 38-14 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in the second Manning Bowl.

“Ain’t talking to nobody today,” Jacobs said late in the afternoon after walking into the locker room following the team’s meeting with DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL Players Association.

Jacobs got himself in trouble early in the third quarter on Sunday night after accidentally tossing his helmet about 10 rows into the stands behind the Giants‘ bench. Stadium security officials had to retrieve it.

The big bruising running back, who has lost his starting job to Ahmad Bradshaw this season, was miffed after being stopped for no gain on a run in which he reversed his field instead of attacking the original hole. He never played again and he later cursed at a reporter who asked him whether he felt he was benched because of that.

Jacobs apologized for both the incident and for cursing at the reporter.

Coughlin did not see the original incident, but he said he spoke to Jacobs about it after the game. He said he would let the NFL handle any disciplinary matters relating to the incident.

“The whole incident upsets me,” Coughlin said. “Remember, I didn’t know about this until after the game. But why? It makes not sense. It is a senseless act. I don’t know what you are going to accomplish by that. Even if it was an accident or frustration, you have to learn to deal with that. You have to have poise, some patience and some control.”

Coughlin’s greatest fear was that someone might have been hurt when the helmet entered the stands.

Brandon understands the consequences of what could have happened there,” Coughlin said.

Jacobs has been unhappy since Bradshaw, one of his best friends, became the No. 1 back this summer, a position Coughlin said he earned.

Jacobs complained that he was having a hard time staying positive as the No. 2 after the preseason finale against the New England Patriots. He also bolted from an interview with an expletive a couple of days later when asked whether players had to drop their egos in playing in a system which uses two backs, which the Giants use.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning said he wants Jacobs, who rushed for 1,000 in 2007 and ‘08, to stay with the team. Jacobs gained 835 last season when he was bothered by a knee injury.

“We know Brandon and he wears his mouth on his sleeve a little bit,” Manning said. “He’s very emotional, and he’s going to say some things. There are some people who do it just to do it, and he wants to win, be out there, and help this team. That’s just the way he is, and you have to love him for it and you need to understand where he’s coming from and why it happens. It’s because he’s competitive, and he wants to do well.”

Manning said Jacobs probably has to learn to deal with the media a little better.

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