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“Ordinarily I stay away from most any restaurant in a hotel, especially large hotel chains like the Marriott. But there are occasions when you need to dine close to home and the hotel restaurant is the best option for its location, if not for its food.

“That certainly wasn’t the case for Brasserie Victor Hugo, which managed to deliver top-flight meals day after day, whether fish, lamb or beef. I love rack of lamb, but it had to wait its turn because the steak paired with Bearnaise sauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes dripping with butter was so good I ordered it two days in a row. And the salmon, which I typically never order outside of Seattle, was perfectly cooked. By the time I got around to ordering the lamb, I had no doubt that it would be delicious. And so too was the tian of eggplant and tomatoes that came with it.

“I never had room for dessert, but the next time I’m in town, I’m ordering the flaming trio of cremes brulees, which were served to a nearby table. What a dazzling way to end a delicious meal.”

Tracy Schneider, “At the Courtyard by Marriott, the Answer iI Most Definitely ‘Oui’!” at, Sept. 19.