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A rancorous 88 percent of “very” conservative respondents say they disapprove of Congress, up 11 points in the past year. The figure is 86 percent among conservatives and 71 percent among moderates. Even the die-hards are flagging: 62 percent of liberals and 56 percent of the “very” liberal also disapprove. In 2009, the number for the latter group was at 35 percent.

“Americans show no signs of relenting in their broad disapproval of the job Congress is doing as the midterm elections draw near, setting the stage for major seat losses for the Democratic majority. It is not only Republicans and independents who are driving this, but rank-and-file Democrats,” observes Gallup analyst Lydia Saad.


From the folks who brought you the Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit and the “Please Don’t Tell Obama What Comes After a Trillion” T-shirt, a jump on sartorial needs for the 2012 presidential election. American Tees already is offering football-style cotton jerseys at $20 each, featuring the top 10 Republican candidates, including Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and even “Anyone But Obama.”

The Nashville company also is offering a straw poll of sorts - logging a vote for a candidate each time someone selects and purchases his or her T-shirt, with results updated online.

“People are anxious to vote for a new leader. Why make them wait?” asks spokesman Tim Sutton.

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- 52 percent of U.S. voters say their “own views” are closer to Sarah Palin’s than President Obama‘s.

- 40 percent say their views are closer to Mr. Obama‘s.

- 84 percent of Republicans say their views are like Mrs. Palin’s.

- 81 percent of Democrats say their views are like the president’s.

- 48 percent overall have a favorable impression of Mrs. Palin, 49 percent an unfavorable impression.

- 40 percent overall say Mrs. Palin is “good” for the Republican Party.

- 63 percent of Republicans agree, 60 percent of Democrats disagree.

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