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Chesnoff said Hilton would attend an outpatient substance abuse treatment program.

Hilton was arrested Aug. 26 inside the Wynn resort, after police say a small plastic bag containing 0.8 of a gram of cocaine spilled out of a Chanel purse she had been carrying as she reached for a tube of lip balm in front of a police lieutenant.

Hilton told police the purse and cocaine were not hers, but claimed some items in the bag belonged to her, including rolling papers, $1,300 in cash and several credit cards.

She was pulled aside by police after her boyfriend, Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, 34, failed field sobriety tests given by a motorcycle officer.

The couple was stopped in a black Cadillac Escalade after the officer smelled a “vapor trail” of marijuana smoke.

Hilton was banned from two Wynn resorts on the Las Vegas Strip after the arrest, and her boyfriend was dismissed as a nightclub partner.

Hilton is no neophyte to courtroom procedure.

She briefly faced a marijuana charge in July after a FIFA World Cup game in South Africa, but the case was dropped when a woman who was with her pleaded guilty to carrying the illegal drug.

Hilton served 23 days in jail in 2007 for a probation violation after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving.

At the Las Vegas Justice Court, a crowd of gawkers and photographers followed Hilton as she climbed into a black Cadillac Escalade after the hearing.

Hilton also attracted a pair of colorful fans.

Comedian Jake Byrd, 28, wore a shirt with an image of Hilton that read “Stop the Prosecution” and yelled out to her. Byrd said he had traveled from Chino, Calif., to show support for Hilton.

“I love Paris Hilton because she’s classy, sassy and brassy,” Byrd said.

Claude Hudson, 74, was removed from the courtroom after he tried to give Hilton a bag of chocolate candy. He said he recently had been released from jail and had written her several letters from behind bars.

Hilton arrived at the courthouse with a bodyguard. She was escorted by security guards to and from the courtroom, where a front row bench was reserved for her and her entourage.

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