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The left already has started dusting off its old demonization script, with talk of a “conspiracy” to take away Social Security and leave Grandma out in the snow. This conservative manifesto views such empathy by liberal elites as focused not on Grandma, but on their own privileged power. Alas, the Wizard of Oz is - well, a very bad wizard.

Without a well-thought-out strategy by the would-be reformers, AARP and the liberal politicians can again get away with their demagogue dance routine. Except this time we are likely to see an era of darkness if we don’t face up to the reality, according to “Red State Uprising.”

The authors cite the Chilean social security program as a model:

If an individual wants to keep the current Social Security regime, let him. If a citizen prefers greater control of his own social security, let him have it. Let recipients choose for themselves, and no using FICA/FUTA revenues for anything but Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid payments, respectively.

The writers would grant citizens their individual right to choose health care options outside the government, the option of listening to or viewing their favorite newscasts or talk-show hosts without any interference from the government (indeed, some have long questioned the usefulness of the Federal Communications Commission), the right to own a gun to defend oneself, the freedom to practice religion without government interference and the ability of the United States to grow economically outside of government mandates.

Oh, and about “choice”: This book notes the only “choice” liberals allow is to decide whether to destroy the life of an unborn child.

Mr. Erickson and Mr. Ehler favor the right to “choose” how to educate your child, an end to mandates denying your choice to buy health care across state lines, the widespread availability of nuclear power and a program of “drill here, drill now,” and the option of using the current 1040 tax regime or paying an alternative flat tax.

There surely is a “red state uprising” if polls mean anything. This is an ambitious 10-year program. The 2010 and 2012 elections may hold clues as to whether the “uprising” can be sustained that long or longer, if necessary.

Wes Vernon is a Washington-based writer and veteran broadcast journalist.