- The Washington Times - Monday, September 20, 2010


Karl Rove revealed a dark side with his negative comments regarding the nomination of Christine O’Donnell to run on the GOP ticket for the Senate seat in Delaware. The Tea Party movement is a serious challenge to the establishment and the likes of Karl Rove and other politicians who have been entrenched in their big-government rut for years. These elections are all about selecting candidates who are true to conservative values, not selecting the GOP candidate of choice, contrary to the misguided views of the party machine.

Mr. Rove needs to moderate his anti-Tea Party rhetoric or limit his commentary to the Public Broadcasting Service, CNN and other media outlets that pander to those who bash anyone who is right of center. The move to clean our political “house” is raging forward and gaining momentum every week. Those who don’t want to join in the cleanup should just stay home and clean their own houses, Mr. Rove included.


Dale City, Va.



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