- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 21, 2010


President Obama told union supporters on Labor Day that Republicans “talk about me like I’m a dog.”

If Republicans were doing that, why wouldn’t they train him to sit on future vacation plans, roll over on all the Bush tax cuts, fetch some real jobs and play dead on wasteful spending?

More recently, tweeters were all atwitter when Lady Gaga and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted a tell-all about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Do tell. Democrats’ truth is stranger than fiction.

You have a tax cheat running Treasury, an attorney general who thinks terrorists and enemy combatants deserve constitutional protections and is suing the state of Arizona, a secretary of state that rats out Arizona to the U.N. Human Rights Commission and a homeland security secretary who thinks our porous and dangerous southern border is more secure than ever.

Also, a health and human services secretary threatening private health insurers whose annual proposed premium increases exceed 1 percent to 2 percent - government-mandated benefits and actuarial tables be damned.

This isn’t transforming America; it’s transgressing against it. Let’s dump the rope-a-dope hope, change for change playbook and let the Obamites organize their own communities.

It’s time that adults take back America.


Nashville, Ind.



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