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“I think it’s a little bit of everything,” Locke said. “A lot of it has got to do with Hartline. We’ve been throwing a lot and if he’s making bad decisions, they can be picks. But right now he’s doing a good job, and when I’m running the ball or Cobb is running the ball, we’ve got to hold onto it.”

Phillips also credited Hartline with the offense’s ball security, saying he’s done a solid job of getting rid of the ball and not forcing passes.

“You’d better be lucky, too,” Phillips said, pointing out a few times the ball has bounced his team’s way. “I’ve never been on a team that had not put the ball on the ground or turned it over in three games. I’d like to be on one that has done it in four games, too.”

Kentucky, which has lost 23 in a row in the series, has been on the wrong end of several turnovers the last two years. Florida blocked a punt for a touchdown in 2009, blocked two punts in 2008 and returned an interception for a score.

“If we go down there and fumble and give their offense the ball and give them good field position, man,” Locke said, recalling the woes. “Worse comes to worse, that’s what can happen. If we continue to hold onto the ball and we continue to make good decisions and we just play Kentucky football, we have a chance.”


AP Sports Writer Will Graves in Lexington, Ky., contributed to this report.