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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is confident his coaches and players will come across well on TV, cussing and all.

“It is HBO, and it’s cable,” he said.

Ovechkin joked that “if I’m going to say some bad words, it’s going to be Russian words, probably you guys don’t understand that.”

“This isn’t going to be G-rated,” Penguins GM Ray Shero said. “It’s going to be the way things are done and how we do things. It’s an emotional sport, which makes it exciting. It’s passionate. You’re going to be talking about the game and practices and things will come out.”

As with the other HBO sports reality series, the teams will have the power to keep cameras out of certain meetings and to nix content from episodes.

“We think it’s worth the risk,” Penguins president David Morehouse said. “We have the type of team that isn’t going to do a lot of embarrassing things behind the scenes, so we’re not that worried about it. We also think this is an unprecedented opportunity for the league and for the team. To have this kind of exposure is important.”