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Mr. Paladino accused Mr. Cuomo of lying during the Wednesday press conference where Mr. Bloomberg endorsed him. Mr. Cuomo said he voted for the independent mayor in 2005, but later had to retract his statement. Mr. Cuomo had endorsed the Democratic candidate against Mr. Bloomberg.

Mr. Cuomo’s campaign says the state attorney general misspoke.


Castle not ruling out write-in Senate race

Delaware Rep. Michael N. Castle said he was stunned by his Senate Republican primary loss to Christine O’Donnell and isn’t ruling out the possibility of a write-in campaign in November.

According to the News Journal of Wilmington, the veteran lawmaker and former governor told reporters Wednesday that he probably would not run, but has not ruled it out.

Ms. O’Donnell, backed strongly by “tea party” activists, upset Mr. Castle in the Sept. 14 primary to snag the Republican nomination in the race to fill the Senate seat once held by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Mr. Castle has until Sept. 30 to declare his candidacy in writing at the state election office for his votes to be counted. State elections commissioner Elaine Manlove said Thursday that she has not yet heard anything from Mr. Castle or his representatives.


Congress votes to repeal part of financial overhaul

Lawmakers voted Thursday to repeal a provision in their landmark Wall Street reform bill that exempted securities regulators from complying with some requests for information from the public.

The decision to roll back part of the financial overhaul law - a prime legislative priority of President Obama - comes just two months after the legislation was enacted.

Top regulator Mary Schapiro tried to assure lawmakers that the Securities and Exchange Commission would remain accountable to the public amid concerns the SEC could use the new law to hide information.

But in the end, Congress decided to strike language allowing the SEC to conceal the results of examinations of specific firms.


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