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“He said it was over. I was mortified and in agony, but he knew if I found out any other way it would be over. That the only way to save our marriage was to come clean,” Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson said in an interview published in Sunday editions of the Chicago Sun-Times.

She said she immediately questioned herself and whether it was her fault, but she never wanted details. When word of the affair became public last week, she said it was like opening the wound again.

Mr. Jackson, a Democrat, also has been dogged by corruption accusations in connection with former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich since December 2008, shortly after Blagojevich was arrested. Mr. Jackson has repeatedly denied wrongdoing in connection with Blagojevich.

He didn’t, however, deny accusations of an affair with the “social acquaintance” and called it a “personal matter between me and my wife that was handled some time ago.” He did not return a call Sunday.


New Zealand honors former Navy pilot

HELENA | A former Navy pilot from Montana has been awarded a medal from New Zealand for helping recover the bodies of 257 people who died aboard a sightseeing plane that crashed on an Antarctic volcano in November 1979.

Dan Ellison was awarded the New Zealand Special Service Medal for his role in the aftermath of the three-decade-old tragedy, still the worst civil air disaster in New Zealand history. 

Mr. Ellison, now a city commissioner in Helena, told the Independent Record he remembers sitting in the mess hall afterward in disbelief, thinking about the tragedy that had just unfolded on Mount Erebus, a 12,448-foot active volcano, about a third of the way through an 11-hour sightseeing flight.

“It was a national disaster for the country of New Zealand,” he said. “This was a bigger event than I’d ever been associated with.”

Just 31 at the time, Mr. Ellison was on his third tour of duty with the U.S. Navy at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. His squadron flew helicopters and ski-equipped airplanes for the National Science Foundation’s polar programs. In the wake of the tragedy, Mr. Ellison flew between the plane crash site, the makeshift morgue and his home base.

“We probably pushed the edge of the envelope a little bit, as far as crew rest and doing things, because we wanted to do everything that we could do to make the recovery effort successful,” he said.


Eyewitness details Seton Hall attack

EAST ORANGE | A Seton Hall University student who attended an off-campus house party at which five people were shot said the gunman stood on her back as she lay on the floor and didn’t appear to be targeting anyone during the chaos she described as “hell.”

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