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“Stop whining.”

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s advice to the Democratic “base constituency” during a private fundraiser in Manchester, N.H. on Monday


The George Washington University chapter of Young Americas Foundation will protest former President Jimmy Carters appearance at its campus Wednesday, specifically opposed, it says, to “his stances on Israel, his hypocrisy regarding human rights and his anti-American view of the fall of the Berlin Wall.” Mr. Carter is coming to the university to read from his recently published memoir.

“It is important for students to look back upon the mistakes of the past so we dont repeat them again. I also find it very disappointing that GW, a school with a large Jewish population, has decided to host such an anti-Israel speaker,” said Travis Korson, president of the student group.


- 81 percent of U.S. voters use cable news channels for their election news this fall.

- 42 percent of that group rely on Fox News, 30 percent on CNN, 12 percent on MSNBC.

- 79 percent overall get election news from “conversations with friends or family.”

- 73 percent consult local TV news, 72 percent consult newspapers.

- 71 percent look to national broadcasters such as NBC, 58 percent get election news from the radio.

- 39 percent rely on “other websites or blogs.”

- 35 percent rely on political ads.

Source: A Politico/George Washington University poll of 1,000 likely voters conducted Sept. 19-22.

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