Where to get help paying for costly cancer drugs

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Even as new cancer treatments offer hope for some, their cost is out of reach for many. Tens of thousands of people seek help from drug companies and charities that provide free medicines or cover copays for people who can’t afford it.

Here is a list of places to seek help:

_Genentech: http://www.GenentechAccessSolutions.com

_Novartis: http://www.patientassistancenow.com

_Patient Advocate Foundation, 800-532-5274 http://www.patientadvocate.org

_CancerCare, 866-552-6729 http://www.cancercarecopay.org

_Chronic Disease Fund, 877-968-7233 http://www.cdfund.org

_Healthwell Foundation, 800-675-8416 http://www.healthwellfoundation.org

_Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 877-557-2672 http://www.LLS.org/copay

_National Organization for Rare Disorders 800-999-6673 http://www.rarediseases.org

_Patient Access Network Foundation, 866-316-7263 http://www.panfoundation.org

_Patient Advocate Foundation, 866-512-3861 http://www.copays.org

_Patient Services Inc., 800-366-7741 http://www.patientservicesinc.org

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