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Wade was guarding James at times during the first practice of the season, with the drills getting so heated that even Spoelstra was getting low into textbook defensive position. Bodies flew everywhere, like when Juwan Howard unintentionally leveled James Jones while trying to defend a 3-point attempt. And it was heated, especially when Wade and James were trying to persuade assistant coach Bob McAdoo _ a Hall of Fame player _ that he had the score wrong of a drill. After all, a down and back sprint was at stake.

James won the discussion, by the way, so off on a run Wade went.

“I was just trying to argue,” Wade said. “I just wanted to get in on the argument.”

James talked Tuesday of how much it means to him to train at a military installation, especially after having worn a Team USA uniform _ Olympics style _ of his own in the past. He talked again of how much he likes being around his new teammates. He also talked of how the Heat should have championship expectations.

He did a lot of talking on the court as well.

Clearly, fitting in to the Heat world won’t be an awkward process.

“I’ve always been vocal,” James said. “I’m always going to continue to be a leader, no matter what team I’m on.”