- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 29, 2010


No, he didn’t make the cover of Rolling Stone this week. That was left to President Obama. But Glenn Beck did make the cover of the New York Times Magazine, the focus of “Being Glenn Beck” — one of those endless Times profiles that showcases the fancy footwork of fancy correspondents. These weighty works typically meander through personal detritus and end with a bittersweet flourish, a mournful note of irony. But, hey, it’s serious proof that the Fox News host has done got the Gray Lady all shook up.

“At some point in the past few months, Beck ceased being just the guy who cries a lot on Fox News or a ‘rodeo clown’ (as he has described himself) or simply a voice of the ultraconservative opposition to President Obama. In record time, Beck has traveled the loop of curiosity to ratings bonanza to self-parody to sage. It is remarkable to think he has been on Fox News only since January 2009,” author Mark Leibovich writes.

But where’s that mournful note about Mr. Beck? But of course. Here is the final paragraph, a two-hanky edition:

“He is fragile, on the edge. There is no template for him or for where he is headed. ‘I have not prepared my whole life to be here,’ Beck told me from his plush couch, his face turning bright pink. ‘I prepared my whole life to be in a back alley.’ I expected him to cry, but he did not.”


Yes, many dread the prospect of a lame-duck Congress that could send liberal issues swimming through the hallowed Senate chamber the moment midterm elections are over. Some dread it more than others, though. Danny Tarkanian, former Republican hopeful for the U.S. Senate in Nevada, is intent on dampening Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s enthusiasm for quickie tax increases, cap-and-trade and other contentious issues. He hopes the lame duck takes a swan dive, in fact.

“Voters will have the opportunity to send Sen. Reid a lame rubber ducky at his Washington, D.C. Ritz-Carlton condo. It is the hope of the Committee that this adorable ducky will serve as a reminder that a lame duck session could turn ugly,” he said, advising the curious that the yellow duck - with personal card - will be sent directly to Mr. Reid’s fancy digs for a $30 donation. Yes, there’s also petition that begins, “For nearly 50 years Harry Reid has lived off of the taxpayer,” and lots more at www.retireharryreid.com.


“Rightwing extremists: Jefferson, Adams, Madison.”

- Bumper sticker spotted near Vincennes, Ind.


Not to be overlooked: Taliban fighters in northern Afghanistan are “tired “of fighting allied troops and ready to “reintegrate” back into society, say Maj. Gen. Hans-Werner Fritz - commander of Germany’s Division Spezielle Operation and the International Security Assistance Force’s Regional Command North - and his deputy, U.S. Army Col. Sean Mulholland. NATO troops in the rugged region “appear to have the upper hand” and “extremists possibly are conceding defeat” the pair report.

“What I see with the Taliban is that their resources are finite. Our forces, with our partners, are going after a lot of the supply lines, the ‘rat’ lines that come through Regional Command North,” Col. Mulholland said. “I deal with a lot of issues where we talk to the Taliban who don’t want to fight anymore.”

Gen. Fritz, meanwhile, commands 11,000 troops from 16 nations; they have been in “harsh” combat, according to Defense Department sources.

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