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“It’s been tough fighting. The Taliban, they are serious enemies. On the other hand, I must say that our troops are doing very, very well. They are highly motivated. They are a good partner. We are one team … cooperation between all of us is so close, it couldn’t be closer. I can only say I am very, very optimistic that we are on the right track and things are getting better.”


Forget the tepid efforts of the “Coffee Party.” Prior to the big fat “One Nation” march at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, the Progressive Democrats of America have declared that they are the official “un-tea party” and will be on Capitol Hill at week’s end for some serious lobbying to end wars, increase jobs and shore up Social Security, the group says, perhaps from a parallel universe.

“We’re the un-tea party in that we are as angry as the tea party, but we are mobilized in the belief that government is capable of doing good work when her citizens are informed and actively participating to push our elected officials to represent us rather than the corporate special interests that fund their campaigns,” spokeswoman Laura Bonham tells the Beltway.

“We are grass roots in that there’s no ‘party,’ no billionaires and no corporations, media or otherwise that fund our efforts. And most importantly, we’ve been doing this kind of organizing for the past six years - doesn’t matter who’s in office,” she adds.

Some object to certain monickers, though.

“As the failure of liberal programs has become more and more manifest, liberals increasingly are running from the ‘liberal’ label, and calling themselves ‘progressives’ ” observes Beltway reader W.L. Moore.


- 59 percent of Democrats and 32 percent of Republicans say they trust the news media.

- 54 percent of liberals and 33 percent of conservatives trust the media.

- 43 percent of Americans overall trust the media.

- 48 percent say the news media is “too liberal,” 33 percent say the ideology is “just about right.”

- 15 percent say the media is “too conservative.”

- 11 percent of liberals and 73 percent of conservatives say the media is too liberal.

- 33 percent of liberals and 8 percent of conservatives say the media is “too conservative.”

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