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“It’s hard for them to make guys miss real early,” Philbin said of the running backs. “You want to give (Jackson) a chance at the second level on a (defensive back), give him a fair shake. Some of those, he hasn’t had great looks quite yet. But we’re hopeful those are going to improve.”

Veteran right tackle Mark Tauscher, who struggled Monday night, said the blocking needs to be better.

“I just think we’re not a precise as we need to be,” Tauscher said. “We’re not giving our running backs the seams in order to be more efficient. I think it’s little things. If you’re off on your landmark by even six inches, it takes away six inches of running lane. It sounds easy, but it’s a lot tougher to execute than just to say it.”

On the plus side, coaches were pleased with the way Jackson and Kuhn performed in the passing game. Jackson caught four passes for 27 yards against the Bears and Kuhn had two catches for 20 yards.

But Philbin doesn’t think a short passing game can completely replace a running game.

“I don’t ever think we ever want to get totally one-dimensional,” Philbin said. “So say, ‘OK, we’ve got the short passing game, that’s our run game, carte blanche,’ it may work for a couple weeks but you may end up in trouble.”