- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Republican members of Congress recently presented their “Pledge to America” (“The peace Through Strength pledge,” Opinion, Wednesday), which outlines their plans to resolve many of our current problems involving the economy, health care, security and illegal immigration. The immediate Democratic reaction - suggesting that they did not read the pledge - is to stick to their talking points, proclaiming “more of the same.”

Some Republicans and conservatives have said it was best to say nothing and let the Democrats self-destruct or that the pledge was not comprehensive enough. The pledge is a well-developed plan to deal with the current administration’s legislation, which has crippled our economy, taken away our freedoms, made our military weaker and inhibited our ability to obtain intelligence information and is on track to destroy our health care system.

As such, the Republican response should quiet the criticism that Republicans are “the party of no.” The pledge, in limiting government’s scope, is correct. Trying to resolve all of our problems with one big fix without careful assessment of specific problems and the impact of proposed solutions would mimic the numerous deficiencies that are included in President Obama’s health care legislation.


Centerville, Mass.



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