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Mahmood Karzai said the bank, which he said lost $170 million during the first two days of the run, got in trouble for three reasons.

“First of all, it was lending over the limit of the bank,” he said. “Second was investing in Dubai’s property. Third was lending to shareholders. These were the three areas where the bank violated central bank regulations.

“I’m sure that the bank has learned the hard way that this is not acceptable,” he said.

He said the bank’s former chairman said $155 million was invested in two business properties and 18 villas in Dubai.

“Right now, the value of the property is about $160 million, so in principle there is no loss, but the loss is in the accumulated interest,” Mahmood Karzai said.

He said he had been living in one of the villas but planned to move to escape from the controversy over the properties.

“I’m moving out this week,” he said. “I rented another place. I never owned that villa. It was in the name of Sherkhan Farnood, the chairman. I was there, and I’m moving out just to get rid of all this talking on this.”