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Premier backs left, right in regional elections

ATHENS | Prime Minister George Papandreou said Sunday he would support candidates from the left and the right in forthcoming regional elections, when his Socialist government faces its first electoral test since the financial crisis.

The candidates, who range from an ecologist to a former culture minister for the opposition center-right party, are “capable” and could “bring great change” to Greece, Mr. Papandreou said.

The regional elections, which will take place on Nov. 7, will be the first electoral test for Mr. Papandreou since he took power in October 2009 and after he was forced to give drastic shock therapy to the economy in a bid to save Greece from bankruptcy.

Pasok, the ruling Socialist party headed by Mr. Papandreou, continues to have a good lead in polls, but surveys also reveal strong dissatisfaction among voters over the government’s major austerity measures.


One person killed in flight-show accident

BERLIN | Police say the pilot of a small propeller-driven plane lost control of his aircraft during a flight show in southern Germany and crashed into a group of spectators, leaving one person dead and several injured.

A spokesman said Sunday that police had not yet established how many people were injured in the crash at the Lilinghof airfield near the Bavarian town of Lauf.

He could not say how serious the injuries were as the rescue effort was still ongoing.

The spokesman, who declined to be named in line with department policy, said it was still unknown why the pilot of the biplane — with two wings, one above the other — lost control.


Glitch grounds homemade rocket

COPENHAGEN | The first launch attempt of a homemade rocket built by two Danes failed on Sunday because of a technical glitch, according to Danish media.

Live footage of the launch off the Baltic island of Bornholm appeared to show brown smoke coming out of the rocket after the countdown.

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