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Revis is expected to practice Tuesday and be ready to play in the season opener next Monday night at home against Baltimore.

“I do think we may play Revis, I’m not sure,” Ryan quipped. “I think he might need to practice for several weeks before we play him, but don’t be shocked if he’s out there.

“In other words, he’s definitely playing.”

The Jets and Revis‘ agents declined to announce financial terms of the deal, but it is reportedly worth at least $46 million, including $32 million guaranteed. Revis said all along he wanted to be the highest-paid player at his position, something Feinsod said the Jets cornerback would be _ without releasing terms.

“The numbers would reflect in our minds that he’s being paid as the highest-paid cornerback,” Feinsod said.

After months of waiting and wondering about his future, Revis was happy to be back on the field after flying up from Florida in the morning.

“This experience humbled me so much just because I love to play football,” Revis said. “At one point, it was something that was taken away, that I love to do. I’ve never had anything taken away from me that I love to do. So this was a point in my life where it was serious.”

As he walked toward his teammates on the practice field, a strange feeling came over him.

“I had butterflies,” Revis said. “I didn’t know how my teammates were going to accept me because I haven’t been here for a month.”

For a guy who routinely shuts down opponents’ best wide receivers, the acknowledgment of insecurity was stunning. After some loud, welcoming cheers _ including a “Rudy” clap _ and good-natured ribbing, Revis knew he was finally back home.

“This process, I don’t wish it on anybody,” Revis said. “I never thought it was going to turn out to be like this, to get a little bit crazy. But it’s something I had to go through.”